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Try Itay Mineral Foundation

If you're anything like me, you've tried hundreds of foundation products looking for that one perfect match for your skin. We're all trying to strike that mythical balance between great coverage and natural looking skin--because an even skin tone just isn't worth it if it comes at the price of thick, cakey make-up. And Itay Mineral agrees.

Itay Mineral Foundation was developed to provide flawless, long-lasting coverage without feeling heavy or unnatural. In fact, it hardly feels like you're wearing make-up at all.

Now, I know exactly what you're thinking: how can a powder foundation possibly offer the kind of serious coverage that I'm looking for? You're probably used to piling on that water-based foundation and coating with a layer of compact powder to hide those pesky imperfections. Maybe you even find yourself reapplying around lunch time as sweat and sun cause your make-up to flake off or fade. Foundation like this is designed to sit on top of your skin--you're literally painting your face on, which is why you so often find yourself having to reapply.

Itay Mineral Foundation is different. Because of Itay's 100% natural composition it is designed to blend into your skin which allows for maximum breathability and longevity. A few quick swipes of the loose powder foundation will provide the same coverage as a water-based foundation without that feeling of heaviness. And because Itay Mineral Foundation blends with your skin instead of sitting on top of it, you'll find it lasts ages longer than traditional foundations. No reapplying after lunch, just beautiful, glowing skin from morning to midnight.

Once you try this foundation, you'll wonder why you spent so many years struggling with all those other products. With all the different foundations available to women these days, it's nice to know that Itay Mineral Foundation does exactly what it says it will do. Simply put, Itay Mineral Foundation will provide you with a radiant, even skin tone that looks natural and effortless and will stay in place all day long. And really, what more could a girl ask for?

See Tutorial Coral Lips

It took some time for me to warm to cosmetic brushes. For years I stayed away and stuck with the all-too-common foam pad applicators—or avoided face makeup at all. But when I discovered good quality mineral foundation my (makeup) life changed immediately. And with the new makeup, I undoubtedly needed a makeup brush.

But there were so many to choose from…

Large and full, thin and fine; brushes with long stems, others that were short and stalky—the options were many, and I (the novice that I am) stumbled into another dilemma: which was the perfect brush? Turns out, for every type of makeup, there is a brush counterpart. But choosing the perfect brush didn’t have to be difficult, as I discovered when I found the ITAY Mineral Cosmetics (“Naturally Beautiful ITAY”) line of cosmetic brushes. Let’s start with the basics:

Kabuki Foundation Brush Hair: Synthetic Hair Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Wood Your standard Loose Powder Foundation Brush—a must-have for any full coverage makeup regimen. One common mistake people make when choosing the correct Loose Foundation Brush is that we often go too big. Huge, fat brushes tend to use (and waste) too much powder and don’t quite get into all the places you may need foundation. For a great brush, I go with the Kabuki Loose Powder Foundation Brush. It’s soft synthetic fibers are bound tightly together, giving you great coverage with no waste. It’s short size makes it perfect for easy storage and great handling.

Powder Brush Hair: Synthetic Hair Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Wood Like the Kabuki Loose Foundation Brush with a longer, leaner handle. Get the most coverage that goes on perfectly light and even. Everyone needs a great powder brush. If there is one brush you need for your makeup kit, this would be it. Great for applying heavier-textured mineral powder to the face. Soft synthetic hairs gently pick up the powder to spread evenly over face and neck area without being abrasive on your skin.

Blush Brush Hair: Synthetic Hair Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Wood Not everyone wears blush, but if you do you know how important your brush is. Too much or too little blush can be a problem and finding the right brush is very important. So what I try to remember about picking a blush brush is the Goldilocks rule—not too big, not too small. If the brush is too big, the coverage area is too large and your cute rosy cheeks look more like a sunburn. Too small a brush and you are left with a small red stripe on your cheeks and that’s not cute either. The ITAY Mineral Cosmetics Blush Brush is your perfect find. The hairs are longer than what you would get on the ITAY Loose Foundation Brush, giving you a natural blush. Tapered round edges are perfect for applying on the apples of your cheeks and protect you from ‘over-blushing’. Your skin will love the soft touch that is still strong enough to give a rich dose of color.

Eyeliner Brush Hair: Synthetic Hair Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Wood The perfect eyeliner brush will be fine, tapered and precise. This brush you need to be sure is thin, that way you get the most accurate of applications. Looking for something thicker? You should be able to get the desired look by just adding slightly more pressure—this will widen the line by spreading the fibers wider. The ITAY Eyeliner Brush is perfectly shaped for high-quality application every single time. Use with liquid or gel eyeliner and never worry about running makeup or smudges. Long handle gives you perfect control over you look.

Eye Shimmer Brush (Large) Hair: Synthetic Hair Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Wood Good eye shimmer (eye shadow) brushes need to have rounded soft edges. This gives your eyes a concentrated application of color to any area on your eyelid. While using an eye shimmer brush, the soft fibers should allow you to place color exactly where you want it—especially when you are going for the smoky eye effect. I find that the ITAY Eye Shimmer Brush is perfect for this. Unlike other brushes I have used, the ITAY brush gives me the look I want the first time I apply. I hate starting over on my make up, so this is perfect. It’s fluffy large size is ideal for applying a neutral wash of colors, for shading and contouring, or blending colors into one another.

Angled Eye Shadow Brush Hair: Synthetic Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Wood Choosing an angled eye shadow brush is great for getting into harder-to-reach areas, like the inner eyelid. Unlike brush and blush brushes, the fibers for eye shadow brushes should be tightly bound—this allows the brush to pick up and apply a great burst of eye shadow color on a more concentrated area. The ITAY Angled Eye Shadow Brush is best at giving you the overall look that you desire. Start with the angled brush; sweep a base color over your eyelids. After, gently accentuate with tones to highlight (for this, I would move onto to using a smaller eye shadow brush.

Concealer Brush Hair: Synthetic Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Wood Obviously, the most important thing when it comes to a concealer brush is choosing a brush that will give you the absolute best coverage. This means tightly bound, soft fibers. These give you great control, accuracy and will not spread your concealer to places you do not want it to go. The ITAY Concealer Brush makes applying any kind of a concealer a breeze. Get even and full coverage with any concealer product: concealer, primer, eye cream or even eye shadow. The soft hairs gently spreads concealer over blemishes and problem areas without irritating skin. Works on even the most sensitive of skin.

For more information on the NEW line of ITAY Mineral Cosmetics Makeup Brushes stop by the ITAY WEB STORES. Be sure to check out ITAY for great tips, tricks and deals!

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