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Trail Size Foundation



perfect-match-itay-mineral.jpgHey ladies! Finding the perfect foundation match for our skin can mean a stressful trip to the beauty counter. The key is finding a tone that won’t overshadow your own natural glow, but soften and blend your skin to make a perfectly even tone. At ITAY, we know how important this decision can be…and that’s why we would like to be around to help when you make it.

ITAY Mineral Foundations are the best choice when it comes to giving your skin the highest quality ingredients with proven great results. Each of our foundations maintain a nice and neutral undertone which means not too warm, not too cool: but a perfect combination of the two. So the next time you stock up on mineral foundation, choose ITAY

“Beauty is our nature. Naturally beautiful, Naturally ITAY”

ITAY is now offering smaller travel size (2.5gram) mineral foundation, perfect for anyone unsure of which makeup to choose. Need help deciding which tone is perfect for you? Then drop us a line…Email a picture of yourself to our website and our professionals will specifically hand pick the shade that is right for you.

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