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A lovely light foundation, which covers really well.. a very buildable foundation, to light wear to heavy wear and conceal, accompanied with the kabuki brush it is the perfect foundation. It covers any dark circles or blemishes easily, as is much quicker than apply any other foundation. Leaving the skin glowing and flawless. A superb foundation well worth the money, and long lasting! A **** purchase, now a huge fan of the itay mineral range. Thank-you

That's the best foundation I've ever tried. It covers your face perfectly that u look fresh and shiny. I become a believer !


These pressed eyeshadows photographed so beautifully, but visual appeal aside, these eyeshadows are extremely superb! The eyeshadows have such a smooth and buttery texture that glides on effortlessly, and blending is just as facile! The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are exceptional—-they produce intense, true to color payoff with just one swipe without any help from a primer! The Pressed Shimmer Powders are a dream! The eyeshadows all have a shimmer finish.

lien jnguyen

OMG this is the most air brush mineral foundation ever! This is a full coverage foundation it is amazing! I am the color Italian biscotti I love that, you do not need a lot at all. Seriously if you have skin problems of any sort and you do not like putting foundation over it get it! I swear to God It is amazing!

I am loving this like crazy!


I’ve been trying out this brush set from Itay Mineral Cosmetics for over a month now and I am beyond infatuated!

The brushes come in a very nice, travel friendly leather case. The leather case zips all the way around and is very well made! It doesn’t give off that faux leather smell and has pouches on the inside to securely hold the brushes in place!

There are seven brushes in the set. The brushes have wooden handles and made with synthetic bristles. I washed the brushes before using and noticed no hair fall outs whatsoever! The brushes are very soft and easy to work with; they hold and blend products very well! Lien.

These are truly excellent brushes with soft, luxurious bristles and perfectly sized handles. With this set, you'll always have the brush you need to apply every type of make-up like a pro. They even come with a gorgeous leather case that is perfect for safe storage or travel. When I use these brushes, I leave the house knowing I look my absolute best, from my perfectly blended eye shadow to my gorgeously glowing blush. I highly recommend them!

C.Rolles 1.29.2013 N.Y.

I was first introduced to Itay Mineral make up by a friend of mine whose a make up artist and she gave me a sample of the foundation that she has been using. After finishing the sample i was very impressed and ordered it online. I was thrilled with how amazing it looked on my skin, giving full coverage but yet still light and breathable. I have been a huge fan of the bare mineral foundations and have been using it for years so it was quite surprising to find something more comparable and greater. I love how it looks on my skin giving me a very natural glow. I am so excited with how the color matches my skin tone so perfect!! I also have dry skin and the mineral foundation doesn't seem to effect it. I just apply a good moisturizer which also sets the powder and works also as a primer. It has a long time wear and stays on all day while I'm at work. I loved the foundation so much that i have bought a few of the eye shadows, which are so beautiful and vibrant. I use one of the eye shadows which has a golden shimmer tone and i apply it over my bronzer to add an extra glow and highlight my cheek bones. I get so many compliments I love it! I am so excited I discovered Itay Mineral make up it really is make up miracle!!! Tiffany Reinoso 5/24/2012

Finally, here is my absolutely true testimonial:

Wow! I am entirely impressed with A-Viva's Itay mineral cosmetics line. As an avid makeup wearer I enjoy trying new products, but am fiercely loyal to only a few. Itay is now my go- to makeup brand. The thing I love the most is their color palette. The hues range from subtle to stunning and are highly blendable. Truly, these are some of the most unique and beautiful colors I've ever seen. As an added bonus, especially for those like me whose eyes tend to water profusely, this makeup stays put. I have even put it to the test during an intense, sweaty workout- passed with flying colors! When I use Itay cosmetics, the high quality of natural ingredients combined with the gorgeous colors available make me feel like a true makeup ARTIST.

Jessica Gorman Bell Canyon, CA

I discovered ITAY mineral foundation after it was demonstrated on me. ITAY has changed my whole beauty regime, ITAY is flawless, lasts all day, makes me look radiant and is so easy to use. I feel like a movie star its so good. Even my husband has noticed how great I now look when compared to my old inadequate foundation!

Thank you ITAY! xx Sandra

The shades are beautifully pigmented. Not only they look natural and shiny but the texture is amazing and it stayed put. I'm always on the go, so I can just take the colors I want for the day and put it in my purse. And that's not it! I can also use them with a gloss on the lips or even on my nails to match or mix my eye shadow.

l .toulemont

I truly love your great mineral eye-shadows. The colors are so brilliant and looks great on. It lasts all day and never irritates my eyes. I have used many other brands but Itay Beauty Products are definitely my favorite!

Best regards Elena

Les teintes sont merveilleusement pigmentes. Non seulement ils paraissent naturels et brillant mais la texture est formidable et reste en place. Je suis toujours entrain de bouger, je peux donc juste prendre les couleurs de mon choix pour la journée et les mettre dans mon sac. Et ce n'est pas tout! je peux aussi les utiliser sur les lèvres avec un gloss ou même sur mes ongles pour assortir ou mixer mon ombre a paupières.

I never know what shades is right for me, so the sample size was the perfect fit to try it out. It feels so soft, it's like a second skin. it blends naturally with my skin like a light veil but cover perfectly without the heavy texture of regular foundation.

Je ne sais jamais quel teinte choisir, alors la taille échantillon était parfaite pour essayer. C'est tellement léger, c'est comme une seconde peau. il se mélange naturellement avec ma peau comme un voile léger mais couvre parfaitement sans la texture épaisse des fond de teints régulier.

thank you again for the products,

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