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Glitter Powder


Some occasions call for more than just simply makeup, and it is times like these that glitter is the answer we have been looking for. ITAY Mineral Glitter Powders provide the perfect extra dash of glamour to any look, whether it is an sultry look on the eyes or an overall sparkle to your entire body.


What sets ITAY Mineral Glitter Powders from others like it is simply its versatility. As mentioned, the glitters can be used over eye shadow or on their own to bring more attention to the eyes. Brush it through hair to add incandescence to strands of hair. Use it on lips and nail too!—just add ITAY Mineral Glitter Powders to lip balm or clear nail polish for desired effect.

For an all-over body shine, sprinkle glitter powder into bath tub, sit back and relax! Now glitter can be fun, and spicing up any look has never been easier. But don’t take anyone’s word for it, except your own. Try ITAY Mineral Glitter Powder for yourself and see where the colors take you. With high quality ingredients made to give your skin the best the business has to offer, you can’t go wrong with ITAY Mineral Cosmetics. Because when it all comes down to it, “Beauty is our nature. Naturally beautiful, Naturally ITAY”

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