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More and more women are making the switch to mineral makeup and it is easy to see why.
For years, mineral makeup has provided full coverage and protection without coating your skin in harsh chemicals and dyes. As a result, your skin is looking young, healthy, and glowing, even after you wash it off!

Whether you’re new to using mineral foundation or having been using it for years, here are some helpful tips on how to correctly apply mineral makeup to your face:

1. Before you do anything, make sure you pick a mineral foundation that best matches your natural skin tone. 
ITAY Mineral Cosmetics has a wide variety of foundation shades and tones, making it easy for you to find the perfect match for you 

2. Apply a light moisturizer to your freshly cleaned face. Concentrate on whichever areas tend to be dry 

3. Gently tap a small amount of your ITAY Mineral Foundation into the lid of the foundation container. 

4. Using a tight brush (flat-top or kabuki usually work best), swipe the lid to pick up a small amount of the ITAY Mineral Foundation 

5. Apply all over face using a circular motion, concentrate on areas that may need extra coverage.

Because ITAY Mineral Foundations are highly concentrated, a small amount of powder goes a long way 

Each ITAY Mineral Foundation is specially formulated to contain safe levels of zinc oxide. This compound gives you all-day protection from the sun. 
Once you test your own mineral foundation, you will quickly see just how easy the application process is! Quick, easy, and effective—this is the way makeup should be!

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