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Why Choose Itay Mineral Makeup?

Most women haven't just tried one makeup product and stuck with it. Maybe this brand offers the perfect color but always needs to be reapplied. That brand might have flawless coverage but feels thick and cake-y by lunch time. We are constantly looking for the next new thing to meet all of our makeup needs. But with so many different types and brands of makeup how do we choose the right one?

Makeup companies make a lot of claims to get us to choose their products. Long-lasting, photo finish, all natural, pure pigment, perfect coverage--but what does that all mean?

Here at Itay Mineral Makeup we want you to know exactly what we mean when we talk about our makeup. We will break down common makeup claims and explain exactly what we mean when we apply these attributes to our own products.

"Our Makeup is Long-Lasting." Most makeup products on the market will claim that they are long lasting but what exactly does that mean? Exactly how many hours is long? Will your make-up last until lunch? Dinner? What about after-hour drinks? Let's be clear--Itay Mineral Makeup will last all day long and all night long. It will not start to flake off around mid-day or feel heavy by the time you get off work. Our makeup will maintain consistent coverage until you wash it off for bed.

"Our Makeup is All-Natural" Makeup that is natural is not necessarily good. Firstly, many ingredients that are natural are not necessarily healthy. Many oils are natural. Oils that can clog pores and cause makeup to feel heavy. Additionally, a product that is all-natural may not be functional--like an all-natural snack product that simply doesn't taste good. When we say our products are all-natural it means all of the ingredients we use can be created by the Earth. Not only that but the natural ingredients that we use are good for your skin and they work.

"Our Makeup Won't Irritate Sensitive Skin" Whose skin isn't sensitive? Statements like these should not be selling points--they should be givens. The skin on our faces should always be treated with the utmost care and delicacy. Which is why our products are made using only the most soothing and healthy natural ingredients because our goal is not to hide imperfections but to heal them.

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