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8- Stacks Shimmers





  Treat yourself to the look you always wanted. ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmers are the 100% all-natural mineral makeup and do not contain preservatives, oils, talc, or dyes—contaminants that are harmful to your skin. Instead, ITAY is committed to producing makeup with the highest quality ingredients that give back to your skin throughout the day.

  Now, ITAY is so excited to introduce the latest in its all-natural mineral makeup collection: ITAY 8-Stack Mineral Eye Shimmers. Specifically hand selected to give you the look you have been waiting for, ITAY 8-Stacks are a collection of 10  of our finest Eye Shimmers. Why stop at 1 beautiful eye shimmer, when you can have 8! (8x1.75 gram)

 One Color Does It All! 8 Applications : Eye Shadows, Eye Liner, Mascara ,Blush, Lips, Hair Highelites, Nails,Body & Face,

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